26/17 Elgar

  • Ref No 26/17
  • Name Elgar
  • Age 2 years, 7 months
  • Sex Male
  • Breed Cocker Spaniel
  • Colour Golden
  • Leishmania Negative
  • Neutered Yes
  • Vaccinated Yes
  • Is this animal currently in Foster Care? No
  • Is this animal reserved for adoption? Yes

Elgar sadly had to come back to Scan after having been adopted in France in February. His adopters did not understand his needs, leading to Elgar becoming stressed and unhappy.

You will also notice, if you have the pleasure of meeting this happy little chappy, that his diet was not correctly controlled, which has sadly led to obesity.  This will easily be rectified with adequate exercise and controlled feeding (sorry Elgar).

Elgar is such a lovely dog and although we are very sad he is back, we all love him immensely.

He is very friendly, happy and playful .  He is sociable with other dogs and loves to go for walks - although at the moment not too long as he tires easily due to his weight problem. Elgar will need regular grooming because he is a cocker spaniel, especially his ears. Luckily he enjoys this.

Come and meet Elgar, he deserves another chance at a forever home and will repay you with love and kisses if you give him a chance at happiness.

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