11/18 Elena

  • Ref No 11/18
  • Name Elena
  • Age 0 years, 8 months
  • Sex Female
  • Breed miniature podenco
  • Colour brown
  • Leishmania Negative
  • Neutered No
  • Vaccinated Yes
  • Is this animal currently in Foster Care? No
  • Is this animal reserved for adoption? No

Elena has had a very difficult start to life. She was abandoned in the street and by the time the police were able to earn her trust enough to catch her she had been hit by a car (possibly multiple times).

She is a miniature Portuguese Podenco, small and elegant. Upon arrival in Scan, Elena was in total shock and seemed to have "shut down", she would not move at all and simply stared at the wall, it was extremly upsetting to see just how terrified she was. But Elena surprised us all, after spending a few days in the same pen as one of our older dogs, Elena completly transformed. She has now become so confident and playful that she has even been able to help us rehabilitate some of our newer arrivals.

Elena would happily play outside with another dog for hours, and despite being small and elegant she is quite capable of playing with the bigger and stronger dogs. She can still be a little nervous when approached by strangers but her confidence continues to grow daily.

Elena would be happiest in a home with another dog as she feels more secure when another dog is with her and also loves to play, if you would like to meet sweet little Elena please contact us or come to the shelter.