5TH Anniversary BBQ Breaks all records and Raises 2,100 € for SCAN

No superlatives can do the day justice

Pam and the Events Team pulled out all the stops

our ever present Volunteers in the familiar SCAN Team Shirts supported all aspects of the Event.

Its incredible to think that all of these people also work so very hard in the Shelter and the Shop.

The actual takings at the Event were over 2,400 €

after all expenses

SCAN gained 2,100 €


go directly to our Funds for supporting our Animals

It was  the largest Event we have held in terms of the numbers of people attending, with lots of new faces in the crowd.

Things which stand out in my mind are the Quilt Raffle

The amazing Cake produced by Louise Smith and Courtney Mangan

which was resubmitted by the winner to be Auctioned, the winner of the Auction then proceeded to donate the Cake to a local

Childrens Home.

Gill Henry produced some great Music for the Day.

A totally AB FAB Day

we should all be very proud of our SCAN  and the work we have carried out,over

2400 Animals rescued and over 90% REHOMED.