Behind the SCENES at SCAN — Presidents update.


Its been a few months since I dedicated enough time to letting you all know what is happening behind the Scenes in our great Charity.

As some of will know I have not been able to be in the Shelter much this year due to some serious surgery I have been required to undergo.

Two bouts of Orthopaedic interludes, have been enough to convince me that I listen to my specialists and Pam in future and take that advice !

It is with heart felt thanks that I say to all of the Volunteers at the Shelter a great big thanks you for EVERYTHING you have done  without your dedication to the welfare of our Cats and Dogs our superb Adoption , Care and Re-homing work has gone on un-interrupted

Likewise to the Shop Team thank you for continuing your great job and supporting SCAN.
As ever with any evolving organisation things change, we lose Volunteers as their circumstances change, we feel the strain, then up pop new Volunteers who wish to give their time and energy to SCAN. and our work goes on.

Things are as ever difficult during the Summer and Fiesta months, but we cope, it is very evident that the Cat and Dog Teams need more Volunteers so we don't have to cope, but can schedule our rotas and give the Volunteers time out of

the stress experienced at the sharp end of Animal Care and continue our wonderful WORK

I estimate that 8 more Volunteers or 40 man hours would provide the Hours needed to support both the Cat and Dog Teams.

We need a Pool of contacts who can be called on to cover Holiday vacancies and Sickness Time.

Our current Volunteer Teams cannot put any more time in.

Take this information and circulate it amongst your personal contacts, members of other clubs you belong to,  or give us your time , its rewarding , you make some great people and get the satisfaction of knowing you are making a DIFFERENCE.

5 Hours out of your Month once a Month by 32 people would make that difference.

Our Adoption Rates are still being maintained at around 90 %, this takes a tremendous effort.

 Considerable home time is spent contacting potential Adopters, organising the legal requirements if the Animal is adopted outside of Spain, a complex European wide Legal framework has to be managed, its Called TRACES and is an Admin nightmare.

Transport, Veterinary Services are all part of the Adoption Programme.

All in All we are doing great but more VOLUNTEERS would make it so much easier, we get about 140 people at our Social Events at SCAN so please when you come to the next Event think about asking one of the existing Volunteers the question

´´ what could I do to Help ? ´´

We need a Maintenance person.

Computer Skills

Admin Skills

Support for the Events Team

Transport Support for Vet Runs , collecting Donations.

If you can help ring Barry on

626 550 864

Our Team who are looking into SCANS Marketing and PR activities are coming up with some great ideas,

they are Concentrating on the work necessary to support ,

Increased Income

Attracting more Volunteers

Enhancing the Profile of SCAN.

SCAN´s Calendar for 2018 is in the development process and is scheduled for sale in the first week of October.

SCAN´s Annual Mascotothon is scheduled for the 8th of October, get this into your Diary NOW.

So things are moving along.

I will be issuing another update shortly and I intend to make this a monthly Venture





                                        SCAN SAVED ME AND GOT ME A NEW HOME;