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Why does SCAN exist?

More than 2.7 million dogs and cats are abandoned around the world each year; some in the Costa Blanca North. Those animals need help: they need a voice to speak on their behalf; they need care, rehabilitation and rehoming.

Since 2009, SCAN has been that voice in the Costa Blanca North, protecting the animals that cannot speak for themselves in a specialised Shelter with a team of trained Volunteers, SCAN rescues animals at risk and rebuilds their trust in people with the ultimate goal of finding loving, forever homes for them.

What does SCAN do?

  • SCAN takes in distressed cats and dogs, provides shelter for them, nurtures them, arranges necessary medical care for them, and then finds them safe new homes. SCAN has successfully found homes, in Spain and internationally, for around 3,000 cats and dogs.
  • SCAN advocates with local Town Halls to help them understand the evolving legislative frameworks.
  • SCAN educates the next generation with school visits promoting the importance of responsible pet ownership.
  • SCAN works closely with the other shelters nearby to help them create best practice care for their animals based on our own Nucleo Zoologico accreditation, knowledge and experience.

The work, however, is far from done.


How can you help?

There are many ways you can support SCAN’s critical mission:

Adoption: could you provide a loving forever home to one of our special shelter pets?

Volunteer: share some of your valuable time with us
– become part of the care team at the shelter with the dogs and cats
– help out in the SCAN Boutique in El Verger
– help out at our fundraising events
– drivers to pick up boutique donations or transport animals to the vets

Fostering: can you care for an animal in need into your home for a short period of time?
– take in newborn or very young kittens and puppies with no mother until they can be moved to the shelter
– give special care to animals recovering from surgery
– offer respite for stressed animals needing a high level of attention

Fundraising: help us raise life giving funds to run our shelter
– organise your own event on our behalf
– help at a SCAN event
– share your fundraising ideas

Donate: without public funding we cannot do our important work.

Spenden an SCAN

Bitte spenden Sie an SCAN und helfen uns bei der Rettung, Pflege, und Weitervermittlung von ausgesetzten und misshandelten Katzen und Hunden an der Costa Blanca.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe.


Become a Member

Another way to make a donation to SCAN and stay up to date with all their news and events is to become a member.

Membership costs 15€ per year.

Speak to one of our volunteers at the shelter or charity shop for more information.

Thank you for caring!


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