Pre-Adoption Questionaire – Dogs

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The aim of the following questionnaire is to check the suitability of your profile as a possible adopter of one of our dogs from SCAN. Sterilisation/castration of the dog should be carried out within 3 months from the date of adoption AND the implantation of a microchip is a pre-requisite in order for the adoption to take place.

Please reply to the following questions as clearly and concisely as possible.

Pre-Adoption Questionaire

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    Personal Details



    Occupations and Free Time

    The Dog

    The Adoption

    7. Have you had dogs before? If so, please tell us :-

    (a) What breed they were, size and gender

    (b) What happened to them?

    (c) If they died, what age were they

    (d) What was your relationship with them (companion, guard dog ..)

    (e) Did you buy them or adopt them

    (f) Where did you adopt them from

    8. Do you have any other animals in the property? If so,

    (a) How many are there?

    (b) What species are they?

    (c) If they are dogs, what breed are they?

    (d) What is their age and gender?

    (e) What is their character (dominant, jealous ..)?

    (f) What is your relationship with them (companion, guard dog ..)?

    (g) Did you buy them or adopt them?

    Dog Behaviour

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