Hallo, Ich bin don!

  • Ref-Nummer 63/23
  • Name DON
  • Alter 9 jahre, 1 monate
  • Geschlecht Männlich
  • Art der Rasse Stammbaum
  • Farbe White and Black
  • Höhe an der Schulter 35cm
  • Gewicht 20KG
  • Leishmania Negativ
  • Kastriert/Sterilisiert Ja
  • Geimpft Ja
  • Ist das Tier in einer Pflegestelle? Nein
  • Ist das Tier zur Adoption reserviert? Ja

63/23 DON




Our precious DON does not have a nice story, but that has not made him lose trust and love in human beings.
DON, had an owner who used him for hunting, perhaps he never appreciated him for what he is, a companion for life, and despite giving him everything, he abandoned him when he considered that he was already old and was no longer useful for hunting. So unfair.
His story warms our hearts, because DON does not deserve abandonment, he is an incredible dog inside and out; He is polite, he is sociable, he is affectionate, he walks well on a leash and he is obedient. DON is the perfect dog, and now he is looking for his perfect home and this time it will be forever.
DON is so incredible that at 3 years old, he was champion of Spain in his category and although that did not help him to be abandoned, his precious heart will help him never again be with someone so imperfect that he has not known how to value him.
DON, awaits you, and we are sure he will be the ideal companion for your family.

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