Renergise , Refresh and Enrich the

Realtionship you have or want to have with your Dog.


The Lockdown offers both an Opportunity and a Key to Train, Enrich and Release the Potential that exists in the Partnership you have with your Dog.

To Acheive these objectives an integrated and exclusive program has been developed and written by:-

Crufts UK Agility Winner and UK Team Member Lauren Langham
and VET and Dog Behaviourist Tom Mitchel BSc BVSc MRCVS.


We are offering in partnership with Absolute Dogs UK a 25 day Home School online Video Training Program.


• The Course is available 24 hours a day On Line, so no matter where you are in the world you can access the Course.

• You have access to the Course for life

• The structure and flexability of the Course is such, you can access the Course whenever you like and complete the Course to a time table to suit yourself and your Dog,

• An offer reflecting our special association with SCAN is that the Course is available at 30€ instead of 106€, all proceeds donated to SCAN.


Interested see what an incredible offer this is, enrolment can  be made Directly through SCANs Website.
to do this , simply,


Scroll Down our Home Page

to the Donation Button and send Via Paypal 
30 €
Note on the Pay Pal Information Sexier Than a Squirrel.
We will contact you Directly with your Enrolment Code and Registration

Come on do something incredible for you, your Dog and the Rescue Animals at




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