To ensure a safe future for those Animals under our care SCAN needs to continuously raise funds from which the day to day care of our Animals is paid for.

SCAN Events are one of the ways in which we achieve this,  SCAN organises a full Annual Calendar of Events to which all of our Members, friends and family and members of the Public are invited, our Events are intended to provide a lot of fun and rewarding experiences for all those who attend.

SCAN has an Events Team who work tirelessly to keep our programme of Events fresh and enjoyable.  If you would like to offer your help in any way at all in either suggesting or creating ideas to support our Events or indeed participate in the organisation and running of the Events use our Contacts tab on this Web Site and E-mail our President who will be delighted to hear from you.

All of our Events will be Posted on this Website and our BLOG site and our Facebook Page all of which can be accessed from the Link Buttons on the Home Page of this Website.

Please support SCAN by attending, joining in and enjoying our Events.