Adoption – the process


“You’re a SCAN animal now, you’re safe”

You’re reading this because you have it in mind to adopt one of our cats or dogs.

Selecting the right animal is the first part of the adoption process. We’ll be happy to chat through the characters and histories of our cats and dogs and your personal circumstances to make sure you get the best possible companion. It is a condition of the adoption contract that our animals go into a home as a pet.

We ask you to complete a pre-adoption questionnaire for a cat or a dog, or both, and we will then arrange a meeting at the shelter to discuss your intended adoption.


At SCAN we do all we can to ensure the welfare of the cats and dogs that come our way. We have a wealth of expertise and experience in animal care. We are always available to help with any issues or problems that may crop up. This is especially important during the home trial period when both pet and owner are new to each other. Support is only a phone call or email away.


The Pre-Adoption Questionnaire is available to download here: SCAN Cat Pre-Adoption Questionnaire

After completing the Pre-Adoption Questionnaire, you are welcome to take one of our cats or kittens on home trial. This is particularly important if you already have cats at home because, sometimes, there can be cat personality clashes! A home trial will flag up any issues before you commit to an adoption.

Our kittens and cats are sterilised at between 4 and 6 months depending on their state of health and individual maturity.

We make no charge for a cat adoption but we request you make a donation so we can continue to rescue, rehabilitate, and care for needy cats.

The Pre-Adoption Questionnaire is available to download or complete online . Click here. >

After completing the Pre-Adoption Questionnaire, the next step is a home trial where you and your new friend get to test drive each other. Most trials work out well, but the welfare of the animal is our overriding consideration, so we ask you to be realistic. During this period will arrange a home visit.

Our adoption fees are set solely to cover the costs of the vaccinations, chip and passport. These are legally required before the animal leaves the shelter. We ask that you cover these expenses so we have the resources to rescue more needy animals.



These play a key role in SCAN’s rehoming successes. Without the support of our friends across Europe (and further afield) significantly fewer animals would now be enjoying new lives.

SCAN is a Núcleo Zoológico registered animal shelter. This accreditation means we are able to legally arrange the transport of animals across borders. The process involves complex paperwork known as TRACES. SCAN undertakes this time consuming process free of change. Our only goal is the future happiness of the animals who have come into our care.

Outside Spain a home trial is not usually possible but we still ask you to complete the pre-adoption questionnaire. We will then pass on your details, inculding those of the animal you have in mind, to an animal charity in your area so they can make a home-check visit,

The Pre-Adoption Questionnaire is available to download or complete online .

We transport animals using specialised and accredited transporters whose vehicles meet or exceed the standards set by the British government and the European Community. We can also arrange flights but criteria vary depending on a number of factors including destination country. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Thank you for considering adopting one of our animals. We believe, every volunteer believes, that all animals deserve a life where they can be happy, loved and are free to be who they are. In return they will bring joy and laughter into your home.


Donate to SCAN

Please donate to SCAN and help to Rescue, Care for, and Rehome more abandoned cats and dogs on the Costa Blanca.

Thank you for your help.


Become a Member

Another way to make a donation to SCAN and stay up to date with all their news and events is to become a member.

Membership costs 15€ per year.

Speak to one of our volunteers at the shelter or charity shop for more information.

Thank you for caring!


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