Projects Fund

You can help secure our Centre for the Future by Donating to our Projects Fund

You can help secure our Centre for the Future by Donating to our Projects Fund

We always have in mind that the centre provides a home for our Animals and is not just to be viewed as a holding or transit Centre. We are passionate about this objective.

When we built the current centre, opened in October 2012, we aimed to provide its future residents with the very best of facilities our resources would allow. During the construction we had a programme of development work to further improve the lives of our cats and dogs. Much of this has now been realised. The Project Fund exists to raise the finances to make these plans a reality.

Our objectives in building and improving the centre are:

1. The safety, security and health of our Cats and Dogs

2. Improving the overall living conditions in the Centre.

3. Supporting the Volunteers in their day to day work at the Centre.

4. Improving the professional capabilities of the Centre.

Why don’t you come along and see the Centre to hear about further developments that we are planning and perhaps help SCAN by donating to our building fund! Thank you.

  • Old cats and dogs home. We have been given permission by the Ayuntamiento to extend the centre beyond its original footprint. We plan to build a “retirement home” for our long term residents and animals nearing the end of their lives. This will give them a more peaceful existence and more living space, both indoors and out, enabling them to roam between the two without constraint.
  • An enhanced play area for the cats. Cats benefit enormously from play. It helps with behavioural problems, obesity and stress. It helps too with tension between cats and builds confidence, particularly in shy animals. This project will be of enormous benefit to our feline friends making their time in the shelter more comfortable and increase their chances of an early adoption.
  • Persianas for the front of each Dog Kennel to protect against inclement weather conditions.
  • Wet Weather protective clothing for the Volunteers.

Project Fund

Donate to SCAN

Please donate to SCAN and help to Rescue, Care for, and Rehome more abandoned cats and dogs on the Costa Blanca.

Thank you for your help.


Become a Member

Another way to make a donation to SCAN and stay up to date with all their news and events is to become a member.

Membership costs 15€ per year.

Speak to one of our volunteers at the shelter or charity shop for more information.

Thank you for caring!


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