Projects Fund

You can help secure our Center for the Future by Donating to our Projects Fund

We are setting aside money to maintain and improve our facilities at the Center.

To enable the Fund to grow we need donations so that we can for example  Weather proof the animal areas to make life even better for our animals in both the Winter and Summer months.

We can for example shade the Central areas to make working conditions more bearable during the heat of the summer.

Why don’t you come and see the Center now that its fully open and hear about the further stages of developments that we would like to undertake, and help S.C.A.N once again through by donating to our building fund! Thank you.

Our Projects have all designed to enhance the current Center. Obviously when building the Center we had a progamme of develoment in mind for the future, the primary focus of our initial work was to build with quality, this we have achieved, secondly to identify a range of developments all with a development criteria aligned with:-

1. Safety and security of the Cats and Dogs

2. The continued health and well being of the Animals.

3. Improving the overall living conditions in the Center.

4. Improving the SCAN facility to enable increased levels of Adoptions to be achieved.

5. Supporting the Volunteers in their day to day work at the Center.

6. Improving the professional capabilities of the Center.

We always have in our minds that the Center provides a home for our Animals and is not just to be viewed as a holding or transit Center, we are passionate about this objective.

The list of Projects achieved are :-

Project Fund