The Shop

We need shop volunteers to sort and display our stock, dress the window and help customers on the shop floor.

We also need drivers to volunteer on an ad hoc basis, picking up stock from people who are unable to bring their donations to the shop themselves.

If you’d like to help but you don’t have time to volunteer, we really appreciate any donations of clothing, accessories, books, household items, ornaments and toys.



The Centre

The SCAN Centre needs a large complement of Volunteers in both the Cat and Dog areas.
The work goes on 7 days a week 52 weeks a year. It is incredibly rewarding and gets you close to the Animals we all strive to support.

In the Cat area we have to contend with all of the aspects associated with the day to day welfare of the cats, this starts at the basic level of hygiene, feeding, medication and socialising each and every cat.

When the kitten season is upon us we have to deal with all of the aspects of rescue, immediate care, admission and veterinary checks, this period is extremely hectic and presents all sorts of challenges to the Team.

Adoptions these are the payback for all of the time and effort we put in, seeing a cat or kitten going to a caring home is a great experience and so wonderfully rewarding.

Can you find the time to give SCAN and its cats 3 to 4 hours a week? If so contact Val or Pam on the following numbers:-

Val    :-  655 803 005

Pam :-  615 408  788

In the Dog area we need double shifts of volunteers every day, the morning shift cares for all of the feeding, cleaning and medication plus the essential aspect of Dog Walking. To keep our dogs healthy they need exercise twice a day, this is a huge commitment and one that is essential to the wellbeing of the Animals.

After walking our dogs have the benefit of the incredible new facility, the recently constructed Events and Exercise area. This has been a Godsend to SCAN and a talking point with all who visit the Centre.

Donations of Agility and Training equipment from supporters and well wishers are rapidly improving the area, the development of Agity ramps helps our Dogs have a great and playful time in the Exercise area.

If you can help and give a couple of hors a week at either dog walking, general help in the Dog area, socialisation in the exercise area it would all go to developing SCAN further and help us to maintain the standard of care we are rapidly becoming known for. You can get further details by ringing:-

Barry :- 626 550 864



2 of our regular volunteers socialising with some of our wonderful new kittens.





Volunteers Maria Jose and Marisa spoiling Lucy

Sunday Morning cuddles for one of the Dogs


The hard hard work of keeping the hygiene and care levels up to the highest of Standards