Developing SCAN The Garden Project


I have been negotiating with the Townhall for over a year regarding increasing the land on which SCAN stands.

At the AGM this year I asked the Meeting did it support SCAN expanding its operation or just staying as we are.

I put the reasons for the proposed land increase, the Meeting Unaminously AGREED the proposed Development


Why call it the Garden Project ??

This is to reflect that the Townhall has supported SCAN in this Project
and El Verger means the Orchard or Garden.


In February after detailed talks The town hall gave to SCAN 2400 Square Metres of NEW land immediately adjacent to SCAN.

Dealing with CORONA delayed this project, but I was committed to improving SCAN,
New Campos will ease pressures on Volunteers and give the dogs MORE out of Kennel time which can only Benefit the mental welfare of our Dogs .

We have started work to fence and create the 3 ( three ) NEW Campos on the Land adjacent to SCAN.

We have ring fenced ALL monies raised for the CARE of SCAN animals through our COVID 19 Appeals.
These Donated monies will be solely used for the Care of SCANs Animals.

You might ask is the time right to be undertaking such a challenge physically and Financially,  I believe we have to look through and past COVID.

If we don't, then its like Negotiating with a Terrorist and all that holds.

We can and will beat COVID. and survive with Quality

The Project includes the creation of  Public Only area to reduce pressure in the area immediately outside the existing Office, this will eliminate a potential hazard zone  benefiting the Dogs and the Volunteers.

We will be launching an Appeal to help with the Garden Project a copy of the Plan will be displayed in the Office and I am very happy to discuss any aspects of the projecect with any of you.


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