Our Val
that's who she was and what she will remain in the hearts of the many.

One of the Founder Members of SCAN, she took an idea and ran with it, Compassionate, Caring , Vibrant , Vivacious and Loving are just some of the words to describe Val.

If you were lucky enough to see her handle a newly born Kitten and cuddle it, feed it and massage life into its tiny form then you would have witnessed her Passion.

Words are used to describe the makeup, actions and intentions of a person, the trouble is that when the words run out and the Dictionary no longer can extend the list what are you left with,
well in the case of Val,
priceless memories, emotions and sometimes tears of gratitude for having been part of her life and her dream to create a safe haven for abandoned and maltreated animals.

SCAN became the realisation of Vals dream.
The 2700 animals saved and protected are Witness to that dream.

The beginning of a process of education to the local population that animals have feelings, have rights and deserve
someone to love and fight for them.

That someone was Val and through her SCAN has achieved that.

Chairman Mao said the first step on the road is the most difficult,

Val made a leap.

At her funeral I said that the majority of people walk through this world without disturbing the earth or sand beneath their feet.
Val left a Footprint, made her Mark and ploughed her own Furrow I am grateful to have been part of that.

Your part of our lives, and that will not go away.
Somos su Voz the SCAN Logo
We are your Voice
that's what we do
because its what Val saw as her Mission.

Mission achieved you lovely Lady.

The Donations made at Vals funeral have so far reached 1300 €
and are being dealt with as per Vals wishes.


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